Green Petal Hemmed Jacket

I mentioned before, I had absolutely no idea that the wavy hems were called scalloped hems. So I Google searched "petal hem" instead and found this lovely green jacket from Zeniche and decided to draw it.



Scalloped blue blazer

I was wondering for months what the wavy hems were called until finally another blogger enlightened me! Thanks to Jean's post on a scalloped skirt!

I actually quite like the shoes in the illustration, but the scanner I used was strange...



As you know..

It's exam time, its cram time!
But I gotta doodle to concentrate, y'know.


That math stuff up there is about phasors and phasor diagrams in sinusoidal steady-state analysis. Err...stuff.
Actually, my lecturer saw it because I had gone to see her to ask a few questions. She just laughed.

I think my cousin wore a similar outfit once...

Y(^_^)Y Nao



We recently had a Biomechanics exam. Stressed us all out. We went into the exam not knowing what to expect, and came out still not knowing what to expect.

Hope your exams went well!